External share for Jira and Confluence

Time to share what you know

Sometimes the handiest people aren’t on your instance. What if you could share the (Jira and Confluence) love with them too?

Available on Server, Cloud, and Data Center

Share a live Jira issue or Confluence page

Share a whole Confluence space

Share your entire Scrum or Kanban board

What you get

  • The ability to create secure links to live Jira issues and Confluence pages
  • The ability to let external users comment, add attachments, and change issue status
  • Optional passwords and time limits for extra link protection
  • Optional restrictions on who links can be shared with
  • Optional notifications on issue and page updates for external users
  • Email customization
  • Lite version available

Why it's awesome

No need for extra Atlassian licenses

If you’re outsourcing work or need outside input on a document, native Jira and Confluence make you purchase extra licenses or export the data. With External Share, you don’t have to do either.

Everyone’s on the same (Confluence) page

Give contractors, customers, and other teams temporary access to live Jira and Confluence data and break down the barriers between you and them. Collaboration happens in real time and more gets done.

Data security maintained at all times

Granular permissions dictate what external users can see or do. Secure URLs with unique 16-character codes and optional passwords make External Share an excellent tool for regulated organizations like banks.

Stop with nonsense like this

If knowledge is power, sharing it is empowerment

External Share for Jira

Install External Share for Jira and collaborate on Jira issues with more ease and speed

External Share for Confluence

Install External Share for Confluence and collaborate on documents with more ease and speed