Approval Path API - Now with Reset support

One small update for Approval Path, one giant leap for automation.

When it comes to the Approval Path there are really two ways the approval can finalize, approved or rejected, sometimes however that may not be the final, whether someone mistakenly approved or rejected the path or had a change of heart after submission, there are times we just need to hit the reset button!

Here at Warsaw Dynamics, we figured having this feature work with API could really give a ton of additional flexibility when it comes to managing your approvals; hence the new update!

Our API feature can now be configured to support resetting approvals!

Reset approval - global settings

Reset approval - global settings

Whether you are a fan of API automation, experimenting, or heavily relying on API for your project, make sure to have a look at our API documentation for Approval Path!

Links below:

Jira - API documentation
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