Big update pack

We are constantly developing our apps to make them more useful. Lately, we added some improvements to the Approval Path for Jira and the Approval Path for Confluence. Let’s walk through some of them. Parallel group In response to customer requests, we added the parallel group to both the Approval Path for Jira and the Approval Path for Confluence. It allows all users added to the group to approve or reject parallelly.

Example uses of the approval process

With the growth of the company, comes a moment when standardization of the approval process becomes necessary. It could be a moment, when different people are responsible for the decision and realisation, or when reaching each approver becomes too time-consuming. The approval process can be carried out in an outdated way - with emails, PDFs, Word documents, or at worst, on paper… But luckily we can use approval management apps like Approval Path for Jira and Approval Path for Confluence to improve the process.

Approval Path vs Build-in Jira Approval solution

Jira’s only built-in functionality to set up an approval process is in the Jira Service Management. Approvals in Jira Service Management are associated with the workflow. While this is useful, it also creates some limitations. In this article, we will look into the differences between the approval processes in the Approval Path and in the Jira Service Management Approval Path Jira Project types Any kind of project Jira Service Management Number of steps As many as needed One approval - one step Step types User, Group, Issue Field- User, Issue Field- Group, Email, Webhook User, Group Approval definitions ✔ ✘ Path visualisation Clear, legible Illegible Project types The Approval Path app allows you to run the approval in any type of issue in any type of project, unlike Jira’s native approval process which can be used only in Jira Service Management, only in issues that have approval added to a workflow.

How to manage approvals in Jira – a step-by-step guide

Approvals in Jira have become as necessary as workflows and boards. This is thanks to increasing adoption among business teams like HR, operations, legal, and procurement, for whom approvals are an everyday function. And yet, there is no native functionality for approval management in Jira itself (apart from in Jira Service Management, and it’s not very good). This is why we have built Approval Path for Jira, an app that lets you create as many project-specific templates for approving a piece of work as you like.

Approval management is the missing piece of the Jira toolset

Approval management is the missing piece of the Jira toolset Approval Path for Jira Native Jira’s only approval management functionality is in Jira Service Management (JSM), and we’re being kind when we say it’s, urm, not the best. In Jira Software and Jira Work Management (JWM), a workaround is your only option for getting a process, proposal, or purchase approved within Jira. And yet, it’s something users are frequently asking for help with on the Atlassian community, specifically, how to add an approval step to a Jira Software or JWM project.