Contract signatures for Confluence

The modern way to agree

Confluence is great for making, storing, and collaborating on contracts. But you couldn't do the most important bit – the | signing – until now.

Available on Cloud

A bit like External Share, but for signatures!

Get signatures on all kinds of agreements and approvals

Everything’s recorded and tracked

E-signatures for your Jira issues

  • Signature macro that you can add to any Confluence page
  • Input options such as dates and initials
  • Automated emails to all parties, prompting action
  • External users can sign pages without a Confluence license
  • Status markers on the contract as it goes through the signing process
  • Signees can reject a contract and give reasons
  • PDF and HTML versions of signed contracts automatically sent to all parties
  • Audit certificate sent to all parties
  • Link to verify the signed contract’s authenticity
  • Audit trail created in Confluence

Say yes fast, in Confluence

Full contract management inside Confluence

No need to export or print contracts, or use external signature tools like DocuSign. Keep your contracts – and your contract processes – inside the platform everyone’s working in: Confluence.

Streamlines contract and approval processes

It takes about two minutes to add the Signature macro to a Confluence page and send the page for signing. Much faster and more cost-effective than printing, scanning, and emailing them. (Or worse, posting!)

Contracting by smartphone

In our increasingly flexible and mobile world, not all contracts are made while sitting at a desk. Mobile support lets you sign Confluence documents using the touchscreen on your smartphone.

Make it easier for everyone to agree with you

Contract Signatures for Confluence

Install Contract Signatures for Confluence and make everything in your organization more agreeable