External Share for Confluence

Share live links to your Confluence pages – with whoever you like

Save on Confluence license costs

It’s not uncommon to want one-off or occasional input from an outside party on a document. Unfortunately, any collaborator added to your Confluence instance will cost you a total of one license. External Share for Confluence lets you avoid these costs by sharing secure links to live Confluence pages with partners, customers, and other teams who aren’t on your instance.

Share a page, page tree, or even a whole Confluence space

External Share for Confluence is an ideal tool for sharing the odd Confluence page from time to time, e.g. when a legal team needs a client to review a contract.

However, if you need to share a bunch of related pages, that’s fine too. Just enable the sharing of child pages and you can share a whole page tree, or even an entire Confluence space.

Collaborate on documents in Confluence, not outside it

To save on licenses, many organizations will export Confluence documents to Word or copy the information into some other shareable format. But then you’re no longer collaborating in Confluence, your docs are duplicated, and it’s harder to track which version is which.

External Share for Confluence enables external users to view, comment on, and add attachments to live pages, letting Confluence remain the single source of truth for your company documentation.

Excellent data security

Each External Share link has a secure URL with a unique 16-character code and optional time limits and passwords for extra protection. This makes External Share for Confluence the perfect tool for regulated organizations such as banks and government bodies sharing sensitive information.

External collaborators can watch for changes

To streamline collaboration further, our External Watch feature lets external users receive email notifications whenever a page gets updated. That way you don’t have to resend links, and internal and external users stay on the same (Confluence) page.

Internal users keep control of Confluence content

Apart from the ability to add comments and attachments, pages are read-only, with granular permissions dictating what external users can see, e.g. they won’t see child pages unless you share them. Confluence admins can manage and monitor link sharing, restricting which users can create links or ensuring that links are shared only with specified email addresses.

Automated share management

Confluence admins can use our application programming interface (API) access feature to set up cool automations for the way your organization shares pages externally. For example, you might want to automatically create an External Share link whenever a Confluence page gets published, or automatically send links by email and get documents to where they need to be quicker.

Custom domains and links: the most requested feature of Confluence ever

Custom domains for public documentation is the most voted-for Atlassian Cloud backlog issue ever and recently passed its 10th anniversary. Luckily, External Share for Confluence offers a great workaround by letting you customize your External Share URLs.

Instead of confluence.external-share.com/content/2b39750c-23fc-48bf-a570-1j4e36459e94, you can have my-company.com/super-useful-articles. This allows you to share a page, page tree, or entire Confluence space that’s fully branded to your company