External Share for Jira

Share live links to your Jira issues and boards – with whoever you like

Save on Jira license costs

There are no “guest users” in Jira. Any collaborator from another organization will consume a Jira license, and you don’t want to buy a whole license if you’re only sharing the odd issue from time to time. Enter External Share, an Atlassian Marketplace app that lets you share secure links to live Jira issues with people who aren’t on your instance, such as partners, contractors, and customers.

Share an issue, list of issues, or even your entire agile board

External Share is extremely handy if you only want to share one Jira issue at a time. However, if you want to share more than one, you can do that too. You can opt to share linked issues and sub-tasks and you can use Jira Query Language (JQL) to share a list of related issues.

Alternatively, if you want a more visual way of sharing multiple issues (or you hate JQL!) then you can create an External Share link to an entire agile board.

Collaborate in Jira, not outside it

To save on licenses and avoid giving restricted permissions to an ever-changing number of users, many organizations end up collaborating outside of Jira, creating silos, bottlenecks, and blind spots.

External Share lets you collaborate externally in Jira. Enable users to add comments and attachments and transition live issues between statuses, and it’s basically like they’re on your instance, even though they’re not.

Excellent data security

Each External Share link has a secure URL with a 16-character code that’s virtually impossible to guess. Set time limits so that your links automatically expire and add passwords to protect them further. This allows you to collaborate without sacrificing the security of your company data.

Instant updates for external collaborators

External collaborators can “watch for changes” using our External Watch feature, which lets them receive email notifications whenever an issue gets updated. This saves you having to re-send links, and keeps internal and external users on the same page.

Internal users keep control of Jira content

While external users can transition, comment on, and add attachments to issues, they cannot edit the body of it. Granular permissions dictate what they see, i.e. they won’t see an issue’s sub-tasks unless you share them. You can also monitor what issues have been shared, restrict which users can create links, and ensure that links are shared only with specified email addresses.

Automated share management

Jira admins can set up cool automations for the way your company shares issues externally. Using our application programming interface (API) access feature, you can automatically create External Share links when certain Jira actions occur, e.g. when an issue is created in a particular project. You can also automate the sending of External Share links via email. This streamlines collaboration by getting the required data to your partners and contractors faster.

Fully customized vanity URLs for your Jira links

You can fully customize your External Share links if you want to share a Jira issue more widely or publicly. So, instead of having jira.external-share.com/content/5b29450c-19dc-49bf-a510-1d4e32479e91, you can have my-company.com/my-favorite-ticket. This aids brand awareness, boosts trust, and helps you maintain continuity of service.