New Horizons: Warsaw Dynamics' Journey Post-Partnership

The journey

Warsaw Dynamics has embarked on a new chapter following its separation from Old Street Solutions (OSS) in a significant shift within the Atlassian marketplace tech ecosystem. This partnership once saw OSS handling marketing, sales, and other operational aspects for Warsaw Dynamics products like External Share for Jira, External Share Confluence, and Contract Signatures (For Jira, For Confluence). This change came after OSS’s acquisition by Tempo. This development prompted Warsaw Dynamics to take a bold step towards independence. By the way! Approval Path for Jira and Approval Path for Confluence were always exclusives for Warsaw Dynamics.

Warsaw Dynamics separates from Old Street Solutions

Warsaw Dynamics separates from Old Street Solutions

The transition marks over a year since Warsaw Dynamics has ventured into managing its marketing, sales, and overall brand strategy internally. This strategic pivot wasn’t merely a change in operations but a comprehensive rebranding, signalling a fresh identity and direction for Warsaw Dynamics in the competitive tech landscape.

The journey was full of challenges. Transitioning from a partnership where WD outsourced marketing and operational tasks to taking complete control required a significant overhaul of strategies, internal processes, and a deep dive into uncharted territories of marketing and customer engagement for Warsaw Dynamics. The company had to quickly adapt to new roles, develop in-house expertise, and redefine its market presence—all while ensuring the continued excellence of its product offerings.

Despite the hurdles, Warsaw Dynamics didn’t just survive the separation; it thrived. Shortly after asserting its independence, the company applied for an Atlassian partnership and was promptly awarded Gold partnership status. However, the journey didn’t stop there.
Warsaw Dynamics is now a proud Atlassian Platinum Marketplace Partner, a testament to its growth, resilience, and commitment to excellence.

As Warsaw Dynamics continues to navigate this new landscape, its story is an inspiring example for other companies facing similar transitions. The move towards self-reliance has opened up new opportunities for innovation, customer engagement, and strategic partnerships. Warsaw Dynamics is gearing up for sustained success and innovation in the tech industry, thanks to its renewed emphasis on self-driven growth and a clear vision for the future.

This significant shift underlines the dynamic nature of the tech world, where partnerships evolve and companies continually adapt to new realities. Warsaw Dynamics’ journey is a compelling narrative of embracing change, overcoming challenges, and emerging stronger with a clear, independent path forward.

Meet Our Pioneers

Warsaw Dynamics is proud to have retained key individuals who were integral during its formative years in the OSS era. Among these valued team members are Jamale Harris and Hendrik Bondzio, both of whom have witnessed and contributed significantly to the company’s evolution. After the transition, they chose to join Warsaw Dynamics and have been instrumental in its growth.

Hendrik Bondzio, now our Head of Marketing, ensures that the efforts of our teams are effectively communicated and recognized. He plays a pivotal role in making sure our marketing strategies resonate well both internally and externally.

Jamale Harris, serving as our Director of Strategic Alliances & Business Development, is pivotal in forming lasting partnerships and fostering customer relationships. He also focuses on training our teams in growth strategies and business development.

For those interested in learning more about these esteemed gentlemen, we have featured their biographies in this article.

Jamale Harris

Jamale Harris

Jamale Harris

Jamale Harris’s career trajectory is a narrative of growth and innovation, beginning in the dynamic Atlassian ecosystem. There, he excelled as the Head of Partnerships at Old Street Solutions. This role marked the start of an exciting journey characterized by pioneering new paths and transforming ideas into tangible results. His dedication and innovative approach quickly set him apart as a game-changer in the industry.

As his career progressed, Jamale embraced a new challenge at Seibert Media GmbH. As a SAFE-certified expert (SPC) with Agile Hive, he delved deep into agile methodologies, further expanding his skill set and tackling new challenges with enthusiasm.

Today, Jamale is proud to serve as the Director of Strategic Alliances and Business Growth at Warsaw Dynamics. He is committed to leading with vision, integrity, and a steadfast commitment to excellence.

At Warsaw Dynamics, Jamale is eager to collaborate with our skilled team, forge strategic partnerships, and drive growth initiatives that will pioneer the future of our industry. Together, we are dedicated to navigating the evolving market landscape, seizing opportunities, and overcoming challenges with resilience and determination.

Hendrik Bondzio

Hendrik Bondzio

Hendrik Bondzio

Hendrik Bondzio brings over ten years of international experience as a Project Manager, combined with deep expertise as an avid user of Jira. A few years ago, he returned to his first passion—online marketing and sales—a shift that introduced him to an exciting role at Old Street Solutions. There, as part of the marketing team, he worked closely with Teodora and other colleagues. Together, they enhanced Team 23’s preparedness, expanded social media outreach, and crafted a variety of engaging content.

Following the acquisition of Old Street Solutions by Tempo, Hendrik connected with Kamil and Krzysztof. Already a fan of the External Share and other Warsaw Dynamics apps, he was thrilled about the transition. Today, he remains incredibly excited to be a key part of Warsaw Dynamics’ ongoing journey of growth and innovation.

What’s Next?

This year has been packed with hard work, leading to our team doubling in size. Our development roadmap is expanding, not just for the flagship apps you’re familiar with. We’re doubling down on the Swagger macro, transforming it into an umbrella to support more OpenAPI solutions for Confluence. We’ve also introduced Ampin, our Atlassian Marketplace statistics tool.

In addition, we’ve elevated our marketing and sales efforts by participating in major events like Web Summit 2023, where we met potential partners. We also actively engage in ACE events across Poland as attendees and speakers. Our scope of marketing and partnership is actively growing.

If you’re a solution partner interested in collaborating with us, please don’t hesitate to reach out.
Our growth is on track, and we’re eager to grow together.