Product Development with Approval Path for Confluence

JES Factory product developers have been tasked with designing new products for the catalogue. Given the complexity of the job, they turned to the Approval Path for Confluence to efficiently coordinate their work with other departments to make sure the product checks off all the boxes.

The Journey of the Product Development Lifecycle

Ideate and Document the Product Concept

The conceptualization team is the first to engage. Organizing and refining their ideas can be chaotic. With multiple people pitching many ideas each, the team has to decide which are the best. To maintain order, they made a dedicated page for each product. Then they used The Approval Path’s group step, which allowed them to vote on the best ideas effectively.

After a few rounds of edits and votes, they landed on a couple of products that could be feasible and profitable.

Design Approval

In the design phase, the product developers consulted with engineers and machinists. To facilitate the process of working on specific parts, designers implemented a parameterized approval for each element, making it easy to differentiate between different components.

As the design progresses, machinists receive notifications and have the ability to stop the process to provide feedback if they identify any major manufacturing issues.

Effective communication between the designers and machinists made iterative design improvements quick, leading to swift progress. The final stamp of approval from the design lead marked the completion of this phase, propelling the project into its last stage.


With the products ready, now is the time to show them to the customers. With a full list of features and prototypes ready, the Factory’s team reached out to their distributor. Together they created a marketing plan for the product, on which both sides agreed.

With the ability of the Approval Path to ask for approval via email, there was no need to add an outside user to the internal instance. The approver can click on a link that will take them to a separate page with the Confluence content. There, they can see the details and make a decision. It streamlined the approval process and minimized the amount of back-and-forth.

Embrace the Power of Approval Path for Confluence

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