Multiple approvals

You asked, we care, we listen and now we deliver!

The time has come yet again for a new feature! A feature YOU asked for!
If you are using the Approval Path, you have likely considered this feature at some point in your experience.

Why can’t I just run multiple paths instead of only one?🤔
Well, that is no longer the case!

What is Approval Path and why it matter?

Approval Path is a seamless integrated Jira and Confluence app that simplifies the approval process of your team. Approval path helps teams save time and avoid unnecessary hassle for approvals. Using approval path your team will:

  • Save time
  • Be able to automate approvals
  • Be able to get approvals from external users
  • Eliminate back and forth communication by simplifying the approval flow
  • Have clear approval requests
  • Have pre-defined approvals (eliminate the need of creating the same approval request)
  • Have an order of approvers (eliminate false positive and false negative approvals)
  • Have a clear history of approvals
  • Have the ability to get approvals, get consents or only notify users regarding a process for better team work visibility.

Use cases for approval path are limitless, but here are some examples:

  • Getting approval for sharing sensitive information with External users
  • Getting approval for hiring new crew
  • Getting approval for a DAY OFF!
  • Getting consent for a new plugin you need for your team

Multiple approvals

With our latest update; you can run multiple approval paths simultaneously on the same issue and page.
This update targets both Confluence and Jira!

But doesn’t that make the reset button less practical?!

Well, you no longer have to RESET or finalize an approval just so you can run a different one! However, you may want to get rid of an approval path before it’s finalized. For that reason, the reset button is now replaced with our all-time favorite “DELETE” button.
Don’t be afraid to use it! It’s practically the same now. Deleted approval details are added as comment and removed from our system. Once you delete an approval path you can run it again from the beginning regardless the approvals current status.

What is more, this feature is API supported. You can target specific approval paths via our API and update them independently. YES! The same issue or page, but different approvals. Approvals can be targeted via approval IDs now on our API.

By the way! Remember permission schemes!? They work perfectly fine with this feature! You can grant or limit access to approval path users. Didn’t know about that!? Check it out here!

Two more updates!

  1. We have a new UI! An update like this deserves some beautification and PRACTICALITY! We have moved the Approval Paths menu from the “issue details” panel to the “Activity” section on Jira issues.
    More space for more approvals! And a new update.😄

  2. This is an update that JUST MAKES SENSE! You can now filter approval paths on the issue/page!
    This is a natural addition to the feature as increased number of approval paths on an issue can clutter the view and make it difficult to figure out which paths you are looking for.

Look for the Approvals you want to start on the issue

“That’s nice, but how about the ongoing approvals? Can we see the history of approvals without going through the comments or project settings? " You may ask!?

YES, you can!

Filter the approval paths on the issue (limited to the issue history)

Oh! In case you haven’t noticed yet! We added the progress bar UI to the issue so there’s no need to be jealous of external users nicer looking UI😄

Make sure to follow us on LinkedIn to stay updated! And hey, we do hear you so if there’s anything you think can be improved, just let us know! This very feature is an example of our client satisfaction-oriented strategy!