Approval Path start parametrization

It’s about convenience and more!

What is parametrization?

In this context, parametrization is a rather fresh feature of Approval Path, and we think it could boost user experience a lot! Well, at least for users that use Approval Path more excessively.
Here is why!


  • Parametrization will allow you to re-use an existing path (definition) while you conveniently rename the approval just before you start it!

  • Also it allows you to set expiry dates. 🙂

Re-using existing definitions

The problem

In the past, if you wanted to request approvals, you would have to create a definition with particular steps and select the users in the definition, then came the age of dynamic steps where the Approval Path would assign the steps based on field values. But, one thing remained imperfect! The definition name!

Regardless of how dynamic the steps are, the name remained unchanged and therefore forcing user to create a new definition or changing the original definition name all together from settings.

The solution

Introducing parametrization, now you can change the definition name to better suit the approval request and be meaningful!
Here is a quick mind map to visualize the process.

Approval Path for Jira

Approval Path for Jira

Setting expiry date

Approvals are time oriented at times, if you need approval for the new years company party, then you can’t wait till next year! 🥳

Parametrize option will allow you to set a deadline for the approval before you start it!


With users having the ability to change the approval name, right before it start you may be wondering if this is really an update for you, I’m here to tell re-assure!
If you wish to limit this capability, simply navigate to permission schemes! We have created a designated permission scheme for this option! You can enable particular users to have this access or just disabled it altogether! The choice is yours!

Approval Path for Jira

Approval Path for Jira

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If you want to advance in dynamic steps, read about our latest dynamic upgrade:

This will allow you to create dynamic steps for external approvers 😎

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