Enhancing Bug Reporting to External Developers with External Share for Jira

Today in JES’s Factory things are not going smoothly. The CNC machines have a hard time communicating with the server after a recent software update. The developers can’t figure out the issue on the Factory’s end, so the only option is to get in touch with the hardware company.

Fortunately for them, the CNC provider uses External Share for Jira to swiftly communicate such issues. The Factory can report and fix issues faster by using a secured link with the JES Factory developers, bypassing the customer portal and waiting for a CS representative to create an issue.

Efficient Setup

With External Share, managing issues efficiently becomes significantly easier. The hardware provider has a custom link to a filter exclusively for the JES Factory, with password protection and restricted access to emails within a specific domain. This makes the shared link both highly secure and easily accessible to authorized individuals.

Now, instead of going through the lengthy customer portal process, JES Factory’s developers directly created a ticket for the CNC provider’s developers in the External Share for Jira filter. This streamlined the communication process, minimized unnecessary involvement of multiple parties, and enabled everyone to concentrate on getting the machines up and running again.

Getting started

As soon as the CNC company received a report from the Factory, they got to work. Thanks to External Share’s ability to view and add comments, the Factory’s team had continuous visibility into the issue and quickly supplied the hardware company with any additional information required from their end.

Quick fix

Teams effectively communicated through External Share for Jira, pinpointing a compatibility issue between CNC machines and the server. Real-time commenting facilitated dynamic problem-solving, leading to a quick formulation of potential fixes. The CNC provider’s developers swiftly rolled out a patch, enabling rapid resolution of the bug and minimizing downtime for the Factory.

The External Share for Jira use highlights the importance of efficient communication and collaboration tools in today’s business environment. By streamlining issue resolution, the app empowers teams to overcome challenges effectively and minimize disruptions. Try it now to optimize your team’s issue resolution processes and unlock efficiency.