Navigating Feature Deployment with Approval Path for Jira

OrbTech, a hypothetical mid-sized tech company, is deploying a new feature. The recent development of a new functionality takes many steps and requires cooperation from multiple departments. Let’s dive into their journey, highlighting how the Approval Path for Jira played a pivotal role.

  • Creating the feature
    Maya, the dev lead, initiates the first approval request using Approval Path within their Jira system to ensure the new feature meets OrbTech’s initial standards and requirements. This step involves review by a project manager, who assesses the feature’s alignment with the project goals and technical specifications. If the feature does not meet the necessary criteria, it will be sent back to the development team with feedback for revisions. If everything is in order, the project manager and lead developer approve of the feature and development begins.

  • The Internal Quality Assurance
    When the feature is ready, Maya begins the QA approval. Sarah, as the head of QA, is automatically notified through the Approval Path. Her team’s responsibility is to ensure the feature functions correctly in isolation, testing its reliability, stability, and compliance with the predefined standards. Sarah approves the feature for the next phase if it passes all internal tests, but she will reject it and return it to the developers with feedback if any issues are identified.

  • The External QA
    As internal QA finishes their part, Sarah starts the external QA approval. In this phase, the focus shifts to how the new feature performs within the broader context of the software ecosystem. External QA testers evaluate the feature’s interaction with other components, ensuring it does not affect the application’s overall performance, such as speed and responsiveness. Approval Path creates easy communication between OrbTech and the external QA team, with the capability to manage approvals via email, making it accessible for external users. When the tests go well, they approve the feature. At this moment Approval Path sends a notification to the project manager, who checks if everything was done correctly. If so, he starts the last approval.

  • The Release Manager
    The feature now stands before the final test: Leo, the release manager, goes through the data and feedback, provided with Approval Path’s comprehensive overview. His approval is a formality and an endorsement of the feature’s readiness. With a click, Leo grants his approval, a decision informed by clarity and confidence, thanks to the systematic process enabled by Approval Path.

  • The Grand Release
    The feature makes its debut in the production environment. The deployment is smooth, a reflection of the tight planning and approvals that preceded it.

As the team at OrbTech reflects on the successful deployment, the role of Approval Path for Jira in orchestrating this complex process is unmistakable. It transformed potential chaos into a harmonious flow, ensuring each stage was seamlessly connected and efficiently executed.

Your Turn to Embrace the Symphony

Are you ready to conduct your symphony of feature deployment? Discover how Approval Path for Jira can streamline your processes and elevate your project management.