JES - Our Brand Hero

You may have noticed that we had a new friend among our ranks for the last few months. You may have seen him on our LinkedIn, in our extensions or during the events. His name is JES and he’s our dynamic robot mascot.

With lightning speed and precision, JES embodies efficiency and agility, always ready to assist as your faithful companion in the digital realm. JES symbolizes collaboration, effortlessly integrating into workflows to streamline processes and deliver optimal results.

He’s also a proud owner of the JES Factory from which you will hear many stories of successful issue resolution, collaboration and growth. With such complicated machinery and many departments working together, there is a lot of potential for improvements and a lot of pitfalls to watch out for.

JES has his own cool stickers and shirts! He is on our laptops and computers right alongside us during our work.

Meet him yourself during the events! Follow us on LinkedIn to see where we’ll be available and see more content from JES.